Sue Kenny

Sue Kenny (formerly Bilborough) moved to the US in 1992.  Growing up in a hunting and pony club environment in Newmarket, England, Sue went on to work in racing yards, riding out for some top trainers. She still considers it an honor to have worked for Major Dick Hern, not only because of the opportunity to get on some top horses but because Major Hern employed very few females. For a time, she looked after a horse called Rhodes for Her Majesty The Queen.

Sue has had a very interesting and diverse career. She spent time working in France before going to Australia, where she worked on the track at Ballarat and Morphettville. Her riding career came to an end when a nasty fall resulted in a broken pelvis. She also worked in a coffee house in Brisbane and as a waitress in Perth!

Before eventually settling in Maryland, Sue lived in Montana. “I loved the scenery, had a nice job, somewhere great to live,” she said. “I found everyone to be friendly but not sociable, meaning they’ll chat all day when they see you but entertaining at each others houses, not so much.  I came back East as my Mum told me I was “getting slow, like the Montanans!”  I thought it was way too soon to do that!  Nothing against them as I loved my time there, but life is slower…and probably a lot more fulfilled.”

Sue has been working for Herringswell Stables since 2002. She resides in Fair Hill with her husband Niall, who is a very busy local farrier, and their Yellow Labrador Sophie.


“Sue Kenny is a dear friend to horses.  The first time I met her in person was November 2011, after several phone calls and emails about my acquiring a horse from Herringswell Stables.  One of the first things I noticed as we walked through the Herringswell barns at Fair Hill Training Center was that all the horses came to the front of their stalls when Sue walked by. Many nickered to her.  At that time I was unaware of her favorite practice of giving each horse a daily peppermint, and more than one to those who were particular favorites.

Sue is a gift to the horses who come through the Motions’ racing stable. One of her jobs – and in my opinion the reason why she is a SheHero – is to assist in placing horses who have come to the end of their racing career. She does her best to plant the seed with trainers who have former Herringswell trainees and with owners of current Herringswell horses when the time comes for the horse to begin its next life. She follows through until the task is accomplished, meaning the horse has a home that is best suited to him/her. More often than not, it is a forever home.

I have been blessed with Beignet, (formerly Red Dust from Uruguay), Ballast, Baron Slew and Poppy (formerly Pop Rocks Lady).  I am also blessed to have this wonderful lady as my friend.”

          Trish Hechter, Equine Bodyworker

“Sue Kenny has run Graham Motion’s racing office for 17 years. There is no doubt that during that time, Graham has experienced extraordinary success. Sue is in the background, making sure things happen as they should. That said, perhaps Sue’s greatest contribution is for the horse. She is instrumental in helping the Motion team keep track of horses that are no longer in their care. Sue has helped retire some of these horses, and it’s a role she does with real care and passion. Sue is truly a SheHero, and the horses thank her for that, I’m sure.”

          Alex Brown, Author and former exercise rider

“Sue – the voice behind the team. Many of our clients haven’t met Sue, although they have probably spoken to her a hundred times.

Sue is truly a SheHero to our horses.  She keeps an eagle eye on every horse that goes through our barn, tracking them like a Bloodhound and keeping us posted on their whereabouts.  We rely on her to place horses upon their retirement and also keep tabs on them after that. If anyone should get on her “list” they might be blackballed for life!  She has been known to put her money where her mouth is and will reach into her own pocket to assure a safe landing for a former trainee. Speaking of some of her favorites through the years will bring a tear to her eye.  She is passionate and kind and perfectly represents us.”

          Graham and Anita Motion, Herringswell Stables