Our SheHeroes

Debbie Finley

“Debbie Finley’s philanthropy and quick action to help anyone in need is well documented.  That natural instinct to move to support is really a gift that few have.  Her faith and commitment to family sets an example to be admired and followed.  It provides great comfort to those of us who are close to her, knowing that she is only a phone call away. What I’d like to recognize is the role she has played in helping make West Point Thoroughbreds the company it is today.  Twenty-seven years ago, this young mother and military wife set course with her husband to make a life in Thoroughbred racing, putting together racing partnerships.  Throughout all the emotional and financial ups and downs that come with starting a small business (especially in an industry that is as unpredictable as horse racing), Debbie was the rock that held down the fort while Terry searched for