Our SheHeroes

Carrie Brogden

“Where to start. I was introduced to Carrie through a friend, and it was true friendship from day one. She’s not only been a mentor,  she taught me everything I know and what to look for in pedigree (even so till this day I drive her crazy at times lol). She’s someone that I can trust (which is very hard to find in horse business) and will tell me exactly how it is when it’s time to buy or sell. But beside the business side of it, she’s been a true friend in every part of my life. She is generous and very passionate with a big heart, but I know I’m not the only one that feels that way! Thank you Carrie for being you!!!” Mike Dicola “Passion, honesty, and hard work are the three traits I respect the most and Carrie Brogden has all three in spades. I