Our SheHeroes

Anne Campbell

“Anne Campbell may best be known as ‘the First Lady of Thoroughbred Racing Partnerships,’ but to think of her only in that vein would understate all that is Anne Campbell and all that she has done for our great sport of racing. Anne and her late husband, Cot, are not only credited with developing the syndicate racing partnership model, but more importantly introducing and nurturing in excess of 1000 new people into the sport. Anne’s contributions extend way beyond her role at Dogwood Stables. She has cared and championed many causes beyond racing partnerships. Her love and support of the people and the horses is manifested in the many endeavors that have occupied her time and heart over the years. Recently, I have personally seen this when we both sat on the board of Saratoga War Horse. Anne seamlessly blended her desire to support a second career for retired Thoroughbred