Carrie Brogden

“Where to start. I was introduced to Carrie through a friend, and it was true friendship from day one. She’s not only been a mentor,  she taught me everything I know and what to look for in pedigree (even so till this day I drive her crazy at times lol). She’s someone that I can trust (which is very hard to find in horse business) and will tell me exactly how it is when it’s time to buy or sell. But beside the business side of it, she’s been a true friend in every part of my life. She is generous and very passionate with a big heart, but I know I’m not the only one that feels that way! Thank you Carrie for being you!!!”

  • Mike Dicola

“Passion, honesty, and hard work are the three traits I respect the most and Carrie Brogden has all three in spades. I am proud to call her a friend. She is not only a role model for young females in our sport, she should be a role model for anyone who wants to succeed in this difficult business. Carrie’s passion is evident from any conversation with her. She truly loves the horse racing industry, all the people in it, and the horse in general. She is always willing to participate in a worthy cause and makes time for those who want to further themselves in the industry. She believes giving people a chance to succeed in the industry that she loves is a vital part of her role, and has constantly made those efforts. She is my first call if I need to find a safe and loving home for a rehomed horse. She does not just look at the horses on her farm as economic units, but appreciates all of the horses.

Some people may describe Carrie as blunt, but I see someone who cares about the world and believes the truth is the best way to operate. While others avoid uncomfortable situations or are too afraid to upset the apple cart, Carrie’s success is tied to her honesty. If I can’t figure out the answer to a problem, I know Carrie will tell me what she thinks, even if it is not what I want to hear. She is almost always correct in these situations.

The success of Machmer Hall is directly tied to the hard work of Carrie, her husband Craig, mother Sandy Fubini and their incredible team at the farm. This is a difficult business to succeed in, and they have excelled in so many areas – breeding, pinhooking, racing. I have the utmost respect for their operation and horsemanship.

Carrie has never met a stranger – she wants to share her love of the horse and the thoroughbred industry with anyone who has the passion, honesty, and is willing to put in the work – three traits I admire so much in Carrie, making her a true hero of the Thoroughbred world.”

  • Rob Tribbett 

“Having known Carrie Brogden and her family for many years, and being partners with her on many horses, we have closely observed her passion, intelligence, and commitment to all she endeavors. She loves all aspects of the horse business – breeding, rearing, racing, and selling top quality horses. She is a true professional and highly admired by her friends, partners, associates, and competitors. Her energy and enjoyment are contagious, and she never stops striving and sharing her success with others.

Carrie is a true asset to the horse business in so many ways, and we are proud to be able to call her both a friend and partner. Keep up the good work Carrie – the Thoroughbred horse business needs you and more good people like you!”

  • Dan and Jane Hoefflin – D & J Racing Stable, LLC 
“I’ve worked for Carrie and her family for almost 20 years. Her passion and commitment to the Thoroughbred is evident in how she has outperformed in the sales ring and racetrack. The Machmer Hall culture is always doing the right thing for the horse which is evident in their daily practices. Carrie’s commitment to mentoring younger generations is what truly sets her apart as deserving of this recognition.”
  • Dr. Michael Hore MVB 

“Twelve years ago, Carrie recruited me to run her sales company after I organized a seminar at her farm for new Thoroughbred owners. I went from running a smaller sales consignment part-time and organizing new owner seminars to running a perennial top-10 Thoroughbred sales consignment, which she started from the ground up in addition to doing the same with her family farm, Machmer Hall.  Carrie has always been a huge supporter for females trying to make a splash in the Thoroughbred industry. I can’t even begin to quantitate the knowledge and experience I’ve gained working with Carrie over the past years.

She is one of the few people who still raise horses to be tough and gritty, and it’s been a privilege to work with and represent the incredible number of stakes horses she has bred and/or purchased and raised. In addition to raising racehorses, she has a huge passion for Thoroughbred aftercare and has even started an aftercare division on her farm to place not only horses that have gone through her program but also a staggering number of other Thoroughbreds. She has been a huge supporter of mine and many other females in the industry and continues to pioneer for us.”
  • Amy Bunt – Machmer Hall Sales

“Words cannot being to define how grateful I am to call Carrie Brogden my friend and mentor. She has always been the person I can count on to have my best interest at heart and give me brutally honest advice. Carrie has a kind heart. She always goes out of her way to help others, lifting them up. I have learned so much from Carrie; her willingness to help others grow and succeed is to be admired.

She has an amazing eye and talent with horses. Carrie has been invaluable to me, and I feel truly blessed to have her in my life. With much humility and gratitude, I thank Carrie Brogden for being my friend and mentor.”

  • Michelle Redding Welch – Grey Dawn Stables

“I first met Carrie in August of 2018 at Saratoga. I was a member of the newly started WinStar Stablemates Racing Syndicate. It was my first trip to Saratoga, and WinStar had arranged for members of our syndicate to meet Carrie and be given a little introduction to what goes on at a sale. Anyone who knows Carrie or reads an interview with her knows what a great communicator she is. We were enthralled. She gave freely of her time, answered questions and regaled us with breeding and racing anecdotes. At the end of the visit, she said to come and visit her anytime we were in Kentucky.

Fast forward to May of 2022. I contacted Carrie about help/advice with breeding and consigning a yearling I had purchased. I offered to pay her for her time. She replied immediately, declined payment for talking with me and asked about the two mares I had bought on my own. As nicely as she could, she explained a lot I didn’t know about my mares, their pages, etc. Just like that, I learned so much. I was star struck!

She contacted me shortly afterwards and told me about a mare I should look at(not one of hers) in a digital sale. I won the bid and now have a young, stakes placed mare from a good family that produced a nice colt to a first year stallion. She also referred me to one her best friends from college and I now have another great friend who foals out my mare in Kentucky and preps my sale yearlings.

Carrie is such a great storyteller that it’s like listening to a great audiobook… don’t want it to end. When it does end, there is so much knowledge and entertainment you’ve gained. You keep replaying it in your head. Sharing her time, offering ethical advice and reputable referrals is what brings new people into the thoroughbred business and keeps them. We need a lot more Carrie Brogdens.’

  • Rebecca Teal
“Carrie is an elite horsewoman – she is well deserving of recognition as a SheHero. Aside from her incredible accomplishments in the horse industry, Carrie is always willing to help people and horses alike. Whether it’s re-homing and aftercare efforts for horses or mentoring and assisting people throughout the industry, Carrie has a motor that will not quit.
She’s intelligent, generous, caring and fearless. I admire her grit, and it’s a great example to all aspiring to participate in the toughest game around. Personally, Carrie has been a loyal friend and mentor for over twenty years. That’s a treasure, a true SheHero!”
  • Tom Mullikin

“Carrie is a leader, mentor, friend. She works hard and helps so many.  For Carrie, no is simply a starting point for negotiations. For years I idolized Carrie’s tenacious approach to breeding and cultivating her amazing broodmare band. Getting to know her and becoming her friend has been such a privilege. I admire her commitment to her family, the industry, her team at Machmer Hall, the horses she raises and sells, and countless young horsemen and horsewomen working hard to make their own way.”

  • Katie Taylor – Taylor Made Sales 

“Carrie Brogden is a person I love and admire so much. She is a highly successful person in this intricate business of ours, because of one abiding reason: her pure love for the thoroughbred racehorse, and each and every person in it.

When she lends her support to something that needs to be fixed, her gregarious Italian heritage comes streaming out. Get tied on!!!  Hers is that voice resonating, time and time again, in support of a cause.  It’s an integrity of intent. She is always reaching! Always striving! Always probing! Always laughing!  Definitely always passionate! She wants you, as a man or a woman, to believe that what you or I are doing, really matters (regardless of the level of significance to others), and to pursue the follow through, if it can make a difference in your life, or the life of another person or horse.
Her causes are many and wide reaching. From her Thoroughbred aftercare at her own farm, with her husband Craig, to supporting a friend in need, shoring up young people in the business, to an official voice on the TOBA executive committee. She’s a whole lot of racehorse, when she puts her opinions in motion.  She drops that shoulder into the scrum and pushes forward hard, where needs be.
This is labour of love for her, in this game of wishes and hopes. It’s done with a smile on her face and a self depreciating way that totally disarms the opposition……..and inspires people like me. Carrie is like a prism. She has a way of looking and speaking about something, that influences people to understand it in a different way. She radiates energy and activism. Igniting a fire and leaving a footprint in her wake, to happily pave the way for others to try to improve on her initiation, is her aim.
She is a lifer in every sense of the word. She is a true blue hero.”
  • Marette Farrell