Pat Stickney

“It is hard to put into words the amount of gratitude the entire horse racing community owes Pat for her relentless and tireless work for the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF). Needless to say the positive and exciting direction TRF is heading is due to her unfailing leadership through good times and bad. Her calm demeanor and experience has been a huge asset to TRF. And although we will dearly miss her guidance,  she of all people has definitely earned her retirement! I am proud to call her my friend and mentor and hope we can continue to solve the problems of the world over a glass of wine!”

  • Stephanie Brennan – Final Furlong Racehorse Retirement

“TRF has thrived in every aspect under Pat’s strong leadership, guiding us through the pandemic, working with our staff and volunteers to expand our financial support and activities, and growing our Second Chances Programs to impact more people. She has continually had a significant positive impact that has put us in an extremely strong position for which we are unendingly appreciative.

On a personal note, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Pat on the re-organization of the TRF. She has been invaluable as the cornerstone of this project and is someone whom I now consider a close friend. Thank you, Pat, for all that you have done and congratulations on this well-deserved honor!”

  • Patrick H. Mackay – Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Chairman

“I find that I do not possess the vocabulary necessary to properly express my thanks and gratitude for the unwavering support the team you’ve lead has shown me and the Second Chances Juvenile Program. While working to create an equine program to fit the diverse needs of  the youths we serve as well as harnessing the power of our very special  TRF ex-race horses to those ends; I found obstacles to those goals in unexpected places. When those obstacles became apparent to the TRF Stickney team, they were dispatched with experience, class and in short order. And so as warriors in the field, the TRF and horses are able to help deliver our troubled youths out of their pain, out of their anger and out of their despair even if it’s only for a short while. We are able to give them the opportunity to know what it’s like to experience, through the horses mere presence, the power to show a youth his own greatness and ability for compassion. Because Ms. Stickney and her team were riding point, The TRF Second Chances Juvenile Program is standing strong. And we are grateful to her. The horse was given to us as a warrior by God himself after all.

‘The Horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance if of the Lord- Proverbs 21:31’”

  • Velvet A. Saulsberry – Equine Director – Youth Opportunity, Ocala, Florida

“My tribute to Pat Stickney emanates from my ownership of thoroughbred racehorses for 35 years and my membership on the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Board. I am writing not only from that perspective but also on behalf of the 400+ retired thoroughbred racehorses at TRF farms and the women, men and youths incarcerated  in prisons that participate in the TRF’s Second Chances (for humans and horses) Program.

Pat took over as TRF Executive Director at a critical time. Her devotion to TRF’s horses, Second Chances participants and the TRF as an entity, have resulted in numerous improvements in TRF’s management, financial position and ability to achieve its mission.  Pat’s efforts and guidance as Executive Director of the TRF will be felt well into the future by both horse and human beneficiaries.”

  • Paul Saylor – Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Treasurer

“Pat Stickney is a SheHero to all of us at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, horses included! She has been a guiding light to make the TRF one of the best Aftercare programs in the country. She is a great leader, listener and friend to all. Thank you for everything, Pat!”

  • Kelsey Marshall Hughes, TRF Board Member and VP of Partner Relations, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners 

“Pat has been such an integral part of the mission to create a safe, healing and transformational place for Thoroughbreds who are in need of this. She has devoted time and energy above and beyond her job title(s) at TRF, and has contributed to changing the lives of horses and humans through her dedication.”

  • Sarah Stein – Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Secretary 

“Pat Stickney – You Saved Horses.  You Changed Lives.  You made a difference. 

Had Pat Stickney only brought her skill in non-profit administration to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, she would have been successful, first as Chief Financial Officer and eventually, as TRF’s Executive Director. 

Pat, however, also brought her intelligence, her resolve and her patience. Above all, she brought a true love of horses and the fervent belief that racehorses were deserving of a dignified retirement. She has been professional, strong in her leadership and unflappable in her belief in the value of TRF and its mission. 

Pat has consistently recognized the labors of her staff and TRF’s volunteers, while avoiding the spotlight for her own good work. Under Pat’s leadership, the TRF has made incredible strides during the most uncertain period in its 40-year history.”

  • The Staff of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation