Debbie Moorefield

“Debbie Moorefield is a true horse person. Sagamore Farm and Debbie’s relationship dates back to when Mr. Vanderbilt owned the farm. Her knowledge about and love of horses is what the horse business is all about. Debbie relentlessly pursues what will make each horse in her care happy and healthy every day. We are lucky to call her part of our Sagamore family and our horses are lucky to call her Mom. She is truly a SheHero, and fortunately for us, her superpowers are inside the white fences of Sagamore Farm!”

          Hunter Rankin, Sagamore Farm

“Debbie Moorefield is one of my favorite people and I am lucky enough to work with her at Sagamore Farm. Her wealth of knowledge on all things horses is incredible, she is such a huge help to bounce ideas off of or work through issues together. She’s a walking encyclopedia on not just our horses, but all racehorses! Even with Debbie’s extensive experience and know-how, she is always eager to learn more, to try something new or different and figure out the best way to do things for each horse and each situation. She is passionate about horses and horse racing and it is evident in everything she does each day! While caring for mares and foals at the beautiful Sagamore Farm can seem ‘glamorous’ from the outside, Debbie is quick to have an amazing sense of humor about the not-so-glamorous parts of caring for moms and babies. When I think of Debbie, I think of how caring and hardworking she is and how much she loves our horses and team. Debbie Moorefield is a perfect representation of a true horsewoman with a passion everyone should dream to have in their career!”

          Jocelyn Brooks, Sagamore Farm

“The only thing that would prevent Debbie Moorefield from giving you the shirt off her back would be that a horse needed it.

Debbie has been a friend, a traveling companion and invaluable resource to me for at least 35 years. From her first job as a groom at Alfred Vanderbilt’s Sagamore to her present position as broodmare manager at the same farm, Debbie’s journey through the Thoroughbred business has always been about the horses and their welfare.

I met Debbie when she was farm manager for Tim & Nina Gardner’s Welcome Here Farm in the Worthington Valley. Debbie did it all; foaled the mares, raised the foals, sales prepped the yearlings, drove the van, mucked the stalls, cut the grass, rode the young horses, and rode with Nina & Tim. When the Gardners relocated to Unionville, PA, Debbie gave moving with them a shot. Eventually, she and her husband chose to stay in Maryland close to Steve’s job with Bruce Fenwick.

Next, she began to travel with me to the sales and eventually she managed our entire sales business. From paperwork to hiring the sales grooms and showpeople to midnight barn checks, Debbie did it all. Through it all we became fast friends. Continuing to live in Maryland, Debbie would stay with us at least one night a week and we spent long evenings “talking horses” over a bottle of wine. Her depth of knowledge is astounding. Whether it’s the winner of the 1946 Kentucky Derby or the symptoms of a rare condition that she saw 25 years ago or the pedigree of a horse we sold in 1998, Debbie never forgets. She tracks “her” horses, knows where they went, where they are now, and who had them – then and now.

Debbie is a hands-on horsewoman. She truly shows her love of horses through her belief in manners and discipline. Her horses are always ready for where they are headed next.

When Rick and I decided to retire, I was thrilled to see Debbie return to her roots at Sagamore, now owned by Kevin Plank. I know that she loves being there and they know that they are lucky to have her.”

          Dixie Abbott, Charlton Bloodstock Agency