Rosemary Hennig

“It is impossible to put into words the strength and leadership of Rosemary at home and the barn. She is my soulmate, partner, and inspiration to be better every day. Not only has she done an amazing job as a mother, her contributions to our stable are invaluable. As our kids have gotten older, the horses and I have benefited from the increase in time that Rose dedicates to the stable. I have never seen another human bond with horses easier than my wife. Rose was a very accomplished rider, having galloped many talented stakes horses including Summer Colony and Champion Go For Wand. As she retired from riding, she has transitioned her talents to the ground, and has developed a great eye for horses at the yearling and 2-year-old sales. She also handles most of the bookkeeping chores.

With everything Rose does for our business, she still finds time to be an incredible mother and stepmother to our kids. I am forever grateful for our blended family, and we both take great pride in our kids. Their success and achievements are a huge reflection of Rosemary’s support and guidance at home.

With all that said, she is my absolute perfect partner. She knows how to perfectly balance being supportive and at the same time adding valuable input. We literally spend almost all of our time together, and we like it that way!

I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have what we have! …..What I have!”

          Mark Hennig, Thoroughbred trainer

“Mark Hennig was hired to train the Courtlandt Farm horses in August 2015. That September, Mark, Rosemary and myself attended the Keeneland sale in search of yearlings to add to Mr. Adam’s racing stable. Anyone who has ever attended a sale understands the amount of work necessary to be successful – long days and many miles logged in search of quality prospects. I had known of Rosemary through the Go For Wand years, so her reputation, at least in my view, was already that of a very capable horsewoman, and getting to know her through the course of the sale process just solidified my opinion of her. Rosemary has a very keen eye at the yearling sales, and her work ethic is second to none. She never took a morning off, she inspects every yearling with us and is vocal about her opinion, which is good. She has a way of identifying the very best prospects, at least in her view, by denoting them in her catalog with a heart icon, and I will say she doesn’t miss often!

On the daily barn routine, she is very much involved with helping things run smoothly. Furthermore, she compliments Mark well with her vast years of knowledge and experience. Having said all that, I have been the most respectful of how she has been able to balance her role between the barn and being a mother. Anyone who has ever met their children will know what I’m talking about – all quality individuals. We certainly feel blessed to have our horses with Team Hennig, and Rosemary is a big part of that TEAM!”         

          Ernie Retamoza, Courtlandt Farm

“My Mom’s time, dedication and ability to connect with horses behind the scenes significantly contribute to the success of my parents’ business. Her attention to detail, coupled with her 30 years of experience in the industry, are an invaluable asset to how our barn operates day to day.

Our family is extremely close due to growing up in the horse racing industry and traveling together, whether it was winters down in Florida, spring on Long Island, or summers in Saratoga. Some of my most memorable times happened while I was still in diapers, spending early mornings in the shedrow and being put up on the barn pony.”

          Brooke Badgett Canney, daughter