Liz Currey Silva

“One thing you will notice about Elisabeth (or Liz as her friends call her) is that she is a lover of all creatures big and small. Horses however hold a special place in her heart. She started in pony club at a young age which allowed her to be well diversified across the various disciplines; eventing, western, hunters, horsemanship, education. She eventually ended up racing where she worked for top trainers like Todd Pletcher, Arnaud Delacour, and currently with Graham Motion. Elisabeth is the epitome of the been there done that, all around exceptional horse woman. And she loves it all.

Liz is one of the hardest workers in the industry. She is also incredibly intelligent. Just in the past two years, she has worked as an exercise rider, local traveling assistant, and completed her undergrad degree at Drexel University. Oh and she got into all the law schools she applied to! Where normally one of these would be plenty for anyone, Liz goes above and beyond the scope of what is expected. Liz loves challenging herself and working towards any goal set before her.  On any given day you can find her galloping, shipping horses, and/or studying with a smile or a story to tell.

Liz could go to any number of prestigious schools, she decided to go the the highly rated University of Baltimore. This gives her the opportunity to keep working with horses in whichever aspect her school schedule allows her to do. She is thinking of focusing on family law, or immigration status, allowing her to do her part in ‘saving the world.’ These topics are issues needing attention in general, but are specifically important in racing and allows her to be active in the industry she loves. She has a first-hand view of the challenges and hardships people on the racetrack deal with on a day to day basis, and how deeply they are affected. She has a love for helping people, with a fight and a passion to make a difference.”

          Anne Sinchak, Herringswell Stables

“Liz for me epitomizes the good people of the racetrack. She always has the most beautiful smile and cheery good morning with her long legs walking purposefully to where she needs to be at that moment. I met Liz quite a few years ago when I was looking for a home for one of my barn favorites, a kind horse but with his quirks. In some odd way I feel Won Mugg was always meant to be her horse, the same long legs and kind personality and he has had the best ‘of the track home’ that anyone could ever ask for. I am so chuffed to write a few lines on probably one of my favorite people on the track and she so deserves the title of SheHero!”

          Lucy Emerick, Office Manager – Trombetta Racing Stables

“Liz represents our stable on a daily basis at racetracks up and down the Eastern seaboard, in addition to riding up to six Thoroughbreds each morning during training. She is responsible for physically transporting the horses to the racetracks, managing a team of support staff who accompany the horse, and interacting with the owners. She is trustworthy, conscientious, and unfailingly agreeable and courteous despite often working very long hours. Liz takes great pride in her job and is always so kind to our horses.

Impressively, Liz completed her undergraduate degree while maintaining this rather grueling schedule. Subsequently, she was accepted into several law schools. Her great passion for the work that she does will translate seamlessly into the next phase of her professional career.”

          Graham Motion, Kentucky Derby, Dubai World Cup winning trainer

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