Josephine Abercrombie

“In life there are only a few people that make a lasting impression. Over the past 30 years, the boss has molded me into the person I am. Her ability to teach, share, be caring and, most of all, her love of life, land and horses make her a very special person and a hero to us all here at Pin Oak.”

          Clifford Barry, Manager of Pin Oak Stud

“A true sportswoman, Josephine Abercrombie wants only the best for her horses, her farm and all the people involved with them. The game would be better off if we could clone her multiple times.”

          Waddell Hancock, Claiborne Farm

“Josephine Abercrombie is the embodiment of the oft-used phrase Joie de Vivre. With boundless curiosity and enthusiasm, Josephine has enjoyed great success in a wide variety of endeavors – from blue ribbons at Madison Square Garden to extreme snow-skiing to competitive ballroom dancing. Additionally, Josephine’s commitment to philanthropic pursuits extends far and wide, to the benefit of both 2-legged and 4-legged of God’s creatures, demonstrating her altruistic desire for the betterment of others.

Her curiosity, enthusiasm and commitment to do things as well as can be done with grace is always inspiring. But first and foremost, the pursuit of breeding raising, training and racing Thoroughbred horses, as well as their care and well-being at every phase of their career, has been Josephine’s greatest passion.  And the sport is the richer for this.”

          Benny and John Williams

“Josephine Abercrombie is recognized for her accomplishments as a horsewoman and Thoroughbred breeder, but I want to highlight this incredible woman’s other passion and great accomplishment – education and founding The Lexington School.

It is not unusual to find ‘Miss A,’ as we affectionately refer to her at the Lexington, School, as she stands in the Keeneland Clubhouse on a beautiful race day stopped by a tap on her shoulder and a question – ‘I don’t mean to interrupt, but are you Josephine Abercrombie?’ Always gracious, Miss A replies by saying ‘Why yes, you’re not interrupting me. What is it?’

A set of beaming parents responds, ‘I just want you to know that my son (or daughter) is about to graduate from The Lexington school, and that school you founded has changed his life!?’

Sometimes the couple may even be shedding a few tears. These tears are not about a lost bet. Instead they are tears of gratitude – gratitude for a school that has changed their child’s educational journey. And in these moments, Miss A is in her element. Not only is she watching the Keeneland races, proud of the stable of horses she is running, but also she is reminded of the stable of grateful parents, alumni, and students thanking her for her gifts of education and community – all right there together, around the track.”

          Chuck Baldecchi, former Head of School, The Lexington School

“Josephine is a part of the group of wonderful women that have contributed so much to our racing and breeding industry. As long as I have known Josephine, almost all of the conversations end with talking about Thoroughbred racing and breeding. She is not only a great salesperson for the industry, but a great contributor. I know that this industry is as proud of her contributions as I am.”

          Dick Duchossois, The Duchossois Group

I have had the great fortune to train for Ms. Abercrombie for the better part of 20 years. She was an integral component to the beginning of my career due to top runners such as Alternate, Confessional, Changeintheweather, Trajectory and leading sire Broken Vow, all of whom helped put me on the map.

Without a doubt, my long association with Pin Oak Stud has been one of the cornerstones of my operation in large part due to Ms. Abercrombie’s loyal and unwavering support. Her development of Pin Oak Stud is a living testament to her passion for Thoroughbred racing and serves as a standard of excellence for the entire industry.”

          Graham Motion, Kentucky Derby, Dubai World Cup and Breeders’ Cup winning trainer

“Ms. Abercrombie has charisma that leaves a lasting impression on those around her. It was a privilege and true honor to ride for her. Her passion for horses and the racing industry is evident through her many accomplishments as an owner, breeder and advocate.”

          Ramon Dominguez, Hall of Fame jockey

“We are very privileged of the opportunity to work alongside Ms. Abercrombie. Her love of the farm and the horses inspires us to do our best in helping her to make Pin Oak one of the finest farms in the business. We have appreciated her leadership, her wisdom, her generosity and her laughter over the years. There is none other like her. Yes, we are very proud of her. We are a team and we are family.”

          Employees of Pin Oak Stud