Emma-Jayne Wilson

“Emma’s ride aboard Mike Fox in the 2007 Queens Plate was an example of sheer willpower, determination and talent. Those are the qualities that make Emma  the rider that she is.”

          Mike Luider – Agent to Emma-Jayne Wilson

“Emma’s hard work and dedication to her career is to be admired and respected.”

          Catherine Day Phillips – Trainer

“Emma-Jayne is all in.  Her chosen job as a jockey is mentally and physically demanding, and the risk of being injured is ever-present and real. Her inner strength lets her successfully face all challenges. If you are lucky enough to be her friend or are part of her family, she will always be there to help. She has been very successful as a jockey and a fabulous ambassador for the sport, but I am sure she will be more successful as a sportscaster. Intelligent, good-looking, athletic, kind, strong and a dangerous driver.”

          Reade Baker – Trainer

“I had the good fortune to meet Emma Jayne about six years ago at Gulfstream. Her confidence in everything she did caught my eye and I gave her a shot. I am glad I did. Interestingly I had an owner on whom’s horse I named her as rider. He looked at me and said “Who the hell is Emma Jayne Wilson?” I simply said ‘trust me.’

She rode the hair off that filly coming through a pin-hole on the rail to pay 67.00 to win. From that moment on, that owner has wanted Emma on every good horse he has and even sent his personal plane to Canada to pick her up to ride one of his horses at Saratoga. One of the very best and not just that. A great friend.”

          Gary Contesssa – Trainer

“On September 14, 2001, Emma-Jayne Wilson wrote a note to herself. She promised that she would make it as a jockey no matter what it took for her to succeed.

Six years later, on the night before her winning ride aboard Mike Fox in the Queen’s Plate and in only her third year of race-riding, Emma-Jayne found that piece of paper lodged in the pages of a book about women in racing. ‘I remember writing it, so I read it again that night for inspiration,’ she said.

Inspiration is just one word to describe what Emma-Jayne has given to horse racing fans, young and old, everywhere, especially at Woodbine racetrack in Rexdale, Ontario where she began her riding career. Intensely competitive, determined and dedicated is her mantra. She’s also a natural lightweight and an accomplished horseperson. Those qualities have launched her to the top of the jockey ranks in North America and made her a natural fit in million-dollar races and big events all over the world.

Emma-Jayne knows that being a jockey –  who also just so happens to be a woman – is a significant aspect of her career, even if she tends to steer comments and publicity away from that fact. Last year, she was named one of the most influential women in sport by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS).

‘I think being a student of this game, to always be learning, is paramount in regards to having on-going success.’ 

And success, it seems it what about Emma-Jayne Wilson is all about.”

         Emma-Jayne Wilson Bio – www.ejwilson.com