Caton Bredar

“Caton is a consummate professional. She operates with so much class and respect that she has been a role model  within this industry for not just myself but many people in Thoroughbred racing. It’s hard to think that racing would be where it’s at right now in media if it weren’t for Caton. The admiration that I have for her is indescribable. She is who I looked up to when I was just figuring out that I wanted to be a part of racing media, and frankly I always will look up to Caton. The respect that horsemen have for her opinion and work is second to none.”

          Scott Hazelton – TVG Host/Reporter

“Caton and I have been close friends for more than 30 years. I consider her part of my family. Caton’s impressive professional credentials are well known — no need for me to delve into that — but it’s her persona outside of work that is truly amazing. I’ve never met a more positive, fair, and reasonable person than Caton. She never sits in judgment and is all about giving people second chances. When she is confounded by someone’s actions, she digs deep to understand their motivation. I often jokingly tell her, ‘I want you on my jury’. I’ve learned so much from Caton about patience, kindness, and forgiveness. I hope I have at least another 30 years of learning from her, because I really can’t imagine my life without Caton in it. I’m a better person because of it.”

          Karen M. Johnson – Racing Journalist

“Nobody is more passionate about our industry than Caton Bredar. Caton’s life revolves around horses and racing. She grew up in a racing family. She is a good friend to everyone involved , from the horses themselves to the gamblers, customers, owners, trainers, hot walkers, grooms etc. Caton is very intelligent and knows every aspect of the industry. She has done it all and enjoys every minute of it. She is a true hero to our game, and she is my ‘She Hero.’”

          Georganne Hale – Vice President of Racing Development Maryland Jockey Club

“Caton Bredar is such a strong woman in our sport that we are very fortunate to have the privilege to work with her. She exemplifies how to work tirelessly, with everyone, and makes you feel you are part of the team. Unquestionably she has an extremely high work ethic and accomplishes outstanding relationships seemingly without even trying. To call her a friend is a gift and to work with her is a pleasure. She is a SheHero and has been for decades, devoted to making horse racing the best it can be.”

          Jody Patrovsky – Racing Industry Television Producer

“Caton is one of the finest people I’ve met in the game, and I’m truly honored to have worked with her on numerous occasions over the years on various broadcasts. Caton brings a level of preparation that is unmatched, combined with a keen eye for a horse’s appearance, and a reporter’s instinct as to what questions to ask, and — most importantly when interviewing — listening to the answer in order to ask smart follow-up questions. As a viewer, you can’t ask for anyone to bring more to the table. Those who see her daily work on TVG from places like Gulfstream or Keeneland are all the more knowledgeable having listened to her insight and opinions. And the respect she has among her peers was evident last fall when she was voted the Jim McKay Award for lifetime achievement in broadcasting by the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters Association.

Caton was born into the sport, being the daughter of a trainer, Ray Metzler, and the granddaughter of a Hall of Fame jockey, the great Ted Atkinson. She enhanced her knowledge of the sport when working as an exercise rider, something she still did for a time after her broadcasting career took off. She has the same loyal group of friends she’s had for decades, and she very quietly has worked for years for charities that try to ameliorate the plight of those less fortunate than us. Best of all, she’s a very nice person.”

           Jay Privman – Daily Racing Form