Anne Eberhardt

“Anne can be summed up in a very few words.  Caring of the industry, strict attention to detail, extremely organized, still acts like a groupie when she is near a horse that she likes, and most of all extraordinarily dedicated to working in and look for any way she can improve the industry.

In spite of a limited budget, she makes the BloodHorse shine with images from a strong group of freelancers that take her direction very seriously while not restraining their creativity.

She is one of the real gentlewomen of this industry.  She doesn’t have to win a trophy to feel accepted because everyone loves her.”

          Skip Dickstein – Eclipse Award-winning BloodHorse Photographer

“Anne Eberhardt is one of my dearest friends. She is a fighter, survivor, and embracer of this wonderful and chaotic thing we call life. She loves and lives with all her heart. She seeks to find the best in those around her. She is one of the most thoughtful, considerate, and sensitive people I know. She tackles every new day, each daunting to-do list, and all issues that arise head-on.

She doesn’t work anything close to a 9-5 day, and the last time she worked a 40-hour week was probably before I was born. She built an award-winning career as one of the leading equine photographers in the Thoroughbred industry because her passion for her work makes it a lifestyle, not a job.

Born and raised in the Horse Capital of the World, Anne comes by her love of horse racing honest. Her mother taught her to read the Racing Form at Keeneland when she was five. Her grandfather, Olin Gentry, managed Darby Dan Farm and Idle Hour Stock Farm. But it was her father’s tinkering with a Super 8mm camera that piqued her interest in photography.

Anne has been a professional equine photographer for more than 35 years. She has transitioned from developing film in darkrooms to shooting digital on instantaneous deadlines. She has adapted from taking photos for one weekly flagship product (BloodHorse Magazine) to three (with the additions of and BloodHorse Daily). She also shoots for Keeneland Magazine and for many other products produced by BloodHorse. She is always thinking of ways to promote our company and our product, especially via social media and with special photo projects.

As our Visuals Director, Anne is responsible for coordinating hundreds of photo assignments annually with our various editors and the crack team of freelance photographers she has built over the years. ‘Getting it done’ and creating order out of chaos are just a few of her strongest skills. At BloodHorse I’ve nicknamed her ‘The Fixer’ because she finds a solution for every problem and constantly strives to improve our workflows to keep up with the changing times.

Anne has been married to James Keogh, best-known for his top-notch Grovendale consignment, for 33 years. She lives the life of a horseman’s wife – one of early hours, suppers kept warm on the stove after long days at the sales, highs and lows of a sport like no other. He lives the life of an equine photographer’s husband – dropping her off at the airport for cross-country flights, practically a bachelor during Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup season. Along with their daughter Georgia, they have weathered many storms together. They are a family for which the love of the horse is a way of life.

A mentor to many and a sounding board to even more, Anne takes great care when preparing presentations for workshops and conferences. But she never fails to inspire. Her dedication to her craft and her love for what she does always shine through.

Anne volunteers on the board of the Pisgah Community Historic Association, helping to preserve the traditions and values of the bluegrass around her family’s home. She understands the importance of stewarding the land. She makes the world a better place.

I have been fortunate to work side-by-side with Anne through many memorable events. We keep each other motivated and inspired. We make a very good team, and I am so thankful for that, but I am even more thankful to call her my friend.

While Anne has taught me much throughout the years, the most important thing I have learned from her is not related to photography or our careers. It is the deep, selfless power of investing into the lives of those in your circle with genuine, intentional love.

I hope I can be half the woman she is when I grow up.”

          Claire Crosby – BloodHorse Daily Editor

“Anne is the hardest working woman I know and who I aspire to be on a daily basis. You can see her dedication through her constant search for opportunities to continue to hone her craft and learn something new, and after 30+ years I find that to be beyond impressive. She is always ready to work hard to get the job done whether it is covering a late horse sales night, doing a sunrise farm photo shoot, or even pulling an all-nighter to see a foal being born, all with a smile on her face, simply because she loves what she does. Her actions are something to be admired by all.”

          Georgia Keogh – Daughter of Anne Eberhardt and James Keogh

“I have been fortunate to know Anne for going on 20 years. What makes her a SheHero is that I have yet to see anything she can’t accomplish. Working alongside her and seeing the tireless work ethic, no matter how challenging the circumstances, has been a privilege. Along with that work ethic her talent as a photographer and the way she treats people are why she earns everyone’s RESPECT. She’s got a great sense of humor and I always look forward to hearing that laugh and seeing that smile. Above all else, what I value the most is her friendship. Cheers to Anne and look forward to the next time we get to have a bourbon together!”

          Chad B. Harmon –  BloodHorse Photographer

“I consider myself truly blessed to count Anne Eberhardt as an editor, mentor, inspiration and friend. She is never without a smile or words of support and encouragement, and her generosity in sharing her extraordinary knowledge and talent knows no limits. Anne brings out the best in everyone who shoots for her, and every assignment is not only an exciting adventure but always the opportunity to learn and grow. Her kindness is perhaps exceeded only by her sense of humor; I am so appreciative of her presence in my life. Anne brightens every day spent in her company!”

          Maggie Kimmitt – Photographer

“One of the craziest places during a big race week is the photographers’ room. Everyone is racing to and from the track to shoot their photos, then a mad rush to get them downloaded and edited. It’s often a loud and boisterous environment where you must be prepared for any kind of condition from broiling sun to pouring rain.   This is the kind of wild environment where good friends find that they don’t have time for a conversation. You hit the ground running during the morning workouts, dash to catch the baths, scramble for interviews and make your way from barn to barn. Amidst all this chaos, we are blessed to have Anne Eberhardt Keogh. She may not have time to talk, but she still takes time to care. All it takes is a single look. She will look you in the eye and ask, ‘Are you ok?’ and then hug you. She wants to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Somehow she is everywhere at once with her cameras. She makes time in the tunnel or on the rail for a traditional selfie together. She knows that every race is also a celebration of friendship. She is a world-class photographer capturing our history with a deep awareness and appreciation of everyone around her.”

           Julie June Stewart – Essayist for America’s Best Racing