Sandy Hatfield

“I have known Sandy Hatfield since her days at North Ridge, then at Overbrook Farm, then at Gainsborough Farm, and finally when she came to manage the stallion division at Three Chimneys Farm. First and foremost, Sandy is a wonderful person. She is warm and giving and a wonderful friend who has earned the respect and admiration of everyone who has ever known her. She is especially loved by those of us who have worked with her and by those who have worked for her because of her fairness, her honesty and her mentorship.  Her horsemanship and her rapport with the stallions is second to none.  So many who came to see stallions at Three Chimneys Farm commented on how quiet and relaxed our stallions were.  This is a testament not only to Sandy’s innate horsemanship, but her ability to communicate with and teach her staff.  I am thrilled to know that she is being given this well-deserved honor by SheHero and proud to call her my friend.”

  • Dan Rosenberg – Rosenberg Thoroughbred Consulting


“For all the years I’ve known Sandy Hatfield, she has been the very same every time and always with a smile on her face. She probably didn’t set out to be a pioneer, and the road she travelled was not an easy one. Through her horsemanship, insight and people skills, she forged a path on her own merit, ascending to the pinnacle of her profession in a realm historically dominated by male managers. I believe her passion was also a driving force, for after all the years she has worked in this industry, it is obvious she considers it a gift to be doing what she is doing.

Before there was Horse Country, there was Sandy. In her role at Three Chimneys, Sandy has been an ambassador not only for that farm and their great stallions, but for all of us in Central Kentucky. She has gone above and beyond to share her love and awe for the tremendous athletes we all cherish. Sandy has been honored by her peers and an inspiration for countless young people who are drawn to Kentucky by the Thoroughbred industry. Additionally, Sandy is active in important community organizations further illustrating her penchant for giving back.

I think Sandy Hatfield solidly fits with the definition of ‘hero.’ I, for one, certainly admire her for her courage and outstanding achievement. She definitely possesses noble qualities. Sandy is indeed a SheHero!”

  • Benny Bell Williams – The Bell Group

“Sandy Hatfield is magnificent in everything she does. When she was  hired as the Three Chimneys Stallion Manger over twenty years ago, I did not consider her the best woman stallion manager in our business, I considered her the best stallion manager in our business, period.  As stallion manager, Sandy welcomed thousands of breeders and fans from around the world. She always took the time, with immense pride, in educating the public about our industry, and showing off the stallions under her care. She managed several Kentucky Derby winners, and a Triple Crown winner, along with many other champions. There was never any doubt that the horses under her care were cared for by a passionate professional who was always at the top of her game.

Sandy is not only the quintessential manager and world class horsewoman, she is  a loving wife, a dedicated friend, and one cares deeply about our environment and our world. Sandy’s involvement in her community has been recognized with awards too numerous to mention. Her leadership of Big Brothers and Big Sisters has impacted hundreds of young lives. She has been recognized in our industry on many occasions, having been elected Farm Manager of the Year by her peers in 2011, and recently winning the Leadership Award for Breeding, a worldwide competition presented by Godolphin.

On personal note, I cherish my friendship with Sandy Hatfield.  She is one you can always count on to be there and to do the right thing. Sandy provides an example for young women everywhere. As one has said recently, she is ‘one of a kind.’

Congratulations, Sandy.  You are the best.”

  • Robert Clay Grand View Equine 

“Competent, dependable, likable, friendly, smart, steady, team player, almost any valuable quality you can name, that is Sandy Hatfield. Capable of running one of the largest stallion operations in Kentucky without any manufactured drama, that is Sandy Hatfield. Capable of responding to and circumventing unexpected circumstances that haunt the stallions under her care, that is Sandy Hatfield.  

Sandy is a pleasure to work with as a person and as a professional. She has had to deal with many personalities in her tenures, and they have not derailed her. She is Sandy Hatfield and that is enough for her, and for me when I have worked with her. This tribute is for Sandy as a SheHero, but that doesn’t do her justice.  Sandy is a plain ‘Hero'” there is no need for a ‘She’ in front of her qualifications.  She is one of the best!”

  • Larry R. Bramlage DVM MS – Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

“When I found out that Sandy Hatfield agreed to become Three Chimneys Farm’s new stallion manager the same year I was given our farm’s main booking responsibilities, I was excited that we would be working together. Her reputation as one of the very best in the business was quite well known. It was even more remarkable because she was one of the few women serving as a stallion manager shortly after a time when women weren’t even allowed in many breeding sheds. We’ve worked together for 21 years now and I can see that her reputation is well founded.

Sandy is able to work with any type of stallions: the sick, the hurt, the rambunctious. Her dedication to the animals and her work is obvious from the patience she exhibits and the long hours she puts in. Not only do her stallions benefit by her expert care, but so do the people in her orbit. She has a teacher’s heart. Employees, interns and KEMI students, actually anyone who comes into her shed to learn, will walk away a better horseperson. In one way or another Sandy impacts each life she touches for the better.”

  • Gayle Ewadinger – Three Chimneys Farm