Our SheHeroes

Allison DeLuca

“Allison would not describe herself as a ‘feminist’ nor a ‘pioneer for women,’ yet she was one of the first female racing secretaries in the world. The position of Racing Secretary is the chief executive of the racing office. Some of the most important tasks include writing races that attract full fields while also enticing bettors in order to generate handle. The needs and desires of trainers who need certain conditions must also be met. The racing secretary must also work with track management to preserve the surfaces for the benefit of the racing product. While juggling all those balls, Allison is unequivocally ethical, calm and pleasant. In the predominantly male corporate structure of the racing industry, Allison’s contemporaries treat her as an equal. She has earned their respect through her consistently thoughtful condition books, exceptional team management, and class. Dues paid…check.  Allison began her career after graduating from the